The Scoop

Zak (Kettle Operator)


Emily (Account Manager)

Artie (Founder)

Our Team


With over 50 years combined restaurant experience and more than two decades charted as tempeh growers, we understand our product is not just simply the tempeh itself. It is the team that works behind the scenes to hand craft each batch, monitor it through its stages, maintain and assist our partner restaurants and support them with our extensive knowledge. Our people have passion for the work they do and more importantly, they have passion for helping you succeed!

A Word from the Founder

"With most of my working career being spent in the food and hospitality industry, I became aware of a significant shift in menu development towards plant based proteins. This was more than 15 years ago. The first time I cooked and ate tempeh, it was clear to me that nearly every restaurant in America could do well with this unique and appealing food. 

In 2005, I began the Arto Moro Tempeh Company (AMTC), meaning “good life” in Milesian. Focusing on my knowledge of kitchens and the professionals that staff them. AMTC started building and sustaining a network of over 100 healthy, beneficial relationships throughout the state of Florida. Comprised mostly of restaurants and a dozen or so independently owned grocers, this network of partners is pioneering a revolution in the American food experience by returning to the source of what food is and should be. Clean, nutritious and whole." ~Artie Guy 


Nutritional Info


Pictured left is the nutritional information for our living, unpasteurized Soy Tempeh. We are aware many of our customers would like more details on nutritional info for our specialty varieties and we do plan to test those in the near future as well. We’ll update the site when that information is readily available and has gone through a comprehensive laboratory food acid test. We appreciate everyone’s patience and loyalty to Arto Moro Tempeh as we work to better our small company for our customers!