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What does it take to offer your guests the best tempeh in the state of Florida?


In short…passion. We are seeking local passionate restaurateurs and chefs who have a vison for their menu and a purpose for their food. We have found the most successful restaurants offering our handmade, artisan tempeh all have one thing in common. They all embrace the spirit of the food fully and reciprocate that onto their menus. 

If you are a local restauranteur, chef or restaurant group looking for a healthy, whole food to offer vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike, then you came to the right place. Artomoro’s Old Florida Tempeh is a chef friendly non-meat and complete protein offering you the blank canvas you deserve to make a fine meal. 

Unlike other non-meat proteins on the market today, our tempeh will never dictate your flavor profile or limit your creativity. Create quality locally sourced burgers, sautés, sandwiches, soups and even sauces using any one of our three tempeh varieties. Our tempeh is vegan, gluten free, local, sustainable, grown on organic American sourced soy beans and we even have options of soy free tempeh! 

If you believe in offering your guests a fine, clean, quality, healthy and unprocessed food then our tempeh is ready for its seat on your menu. Call, email or text us today to get your free 1lb. sample hand delivered to your kitchen so you can see how versatile and simple this kitchen friendly protein is. If you are outside our distribution area and still operate in Florida, no worries, we ship directly to your front door using FedEx overnight service. 

Once you embrace tempeh for your restaurant, food truck or catering business, we will add you to our existing delivery schedule and get you off to a healthy start with as much advice, recipe ideas and tempeh tricks as needed. Ordering is as easy as a text or phone call and you never have to worry if your order will be fulfilled. We have been in business since 2005 and have the capacity to fill any large orders.

Service and availability is our priority; quality is guaranteed! Contact Us today.